Zengaming.co review

Zengaming Has Best Free Cs Go Skins!

Free Coins
Stakes: Low

Zengaming is an excellent website for CS:GO players and provides opportunities to play in the zen arena live for glory, prizes and reputation. It is important to remember the website is still in beta and is experiencing some bugs during major rush hours, but the team has done an excellent job in keeping up. They are also very supporting and respond to tickets within 24 hours.


Zengaming has a great marketplace where you can spend your hard earned zencoins on a variety of CS:GO skins.

Really well developed marketplace.

If you were wondering, zencoins are earned through playing matches and by referring friends to the website, both of which I expect users to do. Zengaming is a great medium for connecting with your friends, other esport players, joining teams, getting sponsors and meeting with professional players. One of the best ways of describing zengaming is as the Facebook of esports especially CS:GO.

Some of the benefits of using zengaming include:

  • Simple team creation.
  • Ability to discover amazing players & teams.
  • Zengaming exclusive tournaments.
  • Compete to win prizes.
  • Get discovered by sponsors.
  • Great marketplace for new CS:GO skins.
  • One of the best website and interface around.
  • Global challenges.
  • Weekly newsletters.
  • Free giveaways.

Overall, I’ve had an excellent experience using zengaming. The website is just a pleasure to use with its interface, offers and community. I’ve been able to create excellent teams for CS:GO through it and have also been able to get some decent CS:GO skins by just playing the game. Zengaming is a better way of earning skins as opposed to other betting websites because your ability to earn coins is so much easier and realistic.

They need to offer access to other esport games soon to grow their existing player base. With more players, I feel the community will get better and have even more value to offer. I would highly recommend this cs go website to anyone whose new or a veteran to CS:GO because of how much it offers. Use it and you will not be disappointed.