Winaskin.com Cs Go Betting review

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Winaskin – Who doesn’t want to win some free CS:GO Skins!

How high are you willing to bet?

Winaskin is a raffle based betting website where users can earn coins and bet them on various CS:GO skins ranging from low to high value. The concept is simple and easily explained in one image:

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Aside from the easy registration process, Winaskin’s features include:

  • Great interface.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Good customer support.
  • Decent variety of low value CS:GO skins.
  • Maximum 10 day delivery time.

WinASkin is all about the Cs Go Skin Betting

Users log-in with their steam accounts, earn coins on the website and utilize them to participate in raffles. Raffles will take place once a total coin target has been met so you may end up betting more. You can monitor the progress of you raffle on each individual item as displayed below. The website also mentions the USD value of each item for the users benefit.

I found the number of raffles to be limited especially for middle to high value items. In addition, the process of earning coins is slow. I would probably use winaskin for a chance to win low value items as opposed to high value ones because it would take a lot of coins and time to really have a decent chance of winning.
Still the interface is nice and simple with a record of player activity, winners and their bot status. The high number of total players does support winaskin as a reliable source of new CS:GO skins.

A sizable player base.

They also display the top five winners and the most recent winners directly on their website which is nice to see. I personally like having visibility of other players winning because it shows that the website is active and reliable. I look forward to playing here in the future once winaskin adds in some more CS:GO skins of higher value, not to mention fairing pricing, they will get a lot more users and happy winners.