Vulcun.com review

Betting Site, Jackpot, Free Drops and Loot, Free coins.

Free Coins
Stakes: Low

The Vulcun is a great opportunity for CS: GO players who want to earn some good skins. This site offers you many features. Events on this site are special, where instead of winning money, the top rank and best player gets a good CS: GO in-game Skin. Skin value depends on steam market, also you will need steam account and stream trade URL to get your earned skin. In order to get a loot drop, you need to enter a giveaway, they are free to enter and anyone can try his luck. Vulcun currently supports credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and also the PayPal.

Vulcun Cs Go Skins Gambling & Vulcun Betting


1 – Gold Betting – here you can bet your gold and get some rewards if you choose one team to win.This site offers you also the market place where you can buy some items with your gold also you can sell skins for Vulcun gold, and you have a great chance for upgrade on this market.
2 – Jackpot – The jackpot is a feature that offers you to test luck, its simple you just deposit your gold and you have a bigger chance to earn some quality items for trading or betting.
3 – The last feature is Fantasy – Fantasy – here you can choose one team of all-stars and compete in fantasy events.

Here you can see a crate drops item for specific games (CS: GO) which can contain full items, partial items, stickers, sticker books, you can open this crate only by key. Simply you watch live stream on Vulcun and maybe you will have the luck to get carted. Also, you can basically purchase this carte from the marketplace. You can win keys on loot drop, or you can get it by leveling up, but if you are verifying your account, you will have 15 free cartes and keys, which is amazing from start. Levels reset every month, and at the end of every month you have a change to win a lot of cartes also keys for free.