SteamPowers.net review

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Steampowers is an excellent website if you’re looking to get some new steam games for free. It allows users to earn points through various surveys and offers which can subsequently be traded in for a variety of games, in-game items, emoticons etc. Users can purchase any game from steams massive library including ones on sale and at full price.

Some of their features include:

  • Free Games!
  • Ability to pick any game from steam’s vast library.
  • Variety of in-game items for TF2, Dota 2 & CS:GO.
  • Can purchase a variety of gift cards.
  • Availability of a many emoticons / trading cards.
  • Excellent discounts and offers.
  • Referral system can be used to earn real cash.
  • Easy to use website.

SteamPowers – Power Your Cs Go Skins!

The points system used could possibly be a bit confusing for new users, but they’ve done a good job in explaining how it works with an excellent guide. The guide itself does a great job on how to set up your account, earn points and, the most complex activity, getting your games. Getting your new games can be a bit of a hassle the first time, but gets easier once you figure out the exact steps. One of the problems with this system is the ability to collect a lot of points as many of the offers require some sort of cash investment. These cash based offers also give the most points. There are limited free offers meaning you can’t get any many points as those willing to pay or who have access to a credit card.
Their point system is also easy to understand, ‘1 Point’ is equivalent to ‘USD $0.01.’

The following scale simplifies the points exchange system:

  • 500 Points = 5$ Game
  • 1000 Points = 10$ Game
  • 2000 Points = 20$ Game
  • 3000 Points = 30$ Game
  • 4000 Points = 40$ Game
  • 5000 Points = 50$ Game
  • 6000 Points = 60$ Game

Overall I found the website to be a great way to get some new steam games, especially those on sales, for free.