SteamGameSwap.com review

Cs Go Points System

Free Coins
Stakes: None

SteamGameSwap (sGs) – Swap your games out for something better!
sGs is a free game website with a wide variety of games and platforms for users to pick from and work towards.

Steam Game Swap has some excellent cs go features including:

  • Free giveaways everyday
  • Live chat for support
  • Wide variety of platforms
  • Extremely well designed website
  • Good customer service
  • Good referral system
  • Rules in place to protect from scammers

SteamGameSwap – Great Cs Go Betting Points System!

Steam game swap requires game points, their own unique currency, to exchange for giveaways and to enter various competitions. Game points are earned through advertising tasks, achievements and referrals or in this case inviting friends. Their advertising tasks are online activities such as sign-ups, sharing opinions, watching video ads which provided decent amount of Game points. I was also able to earn points for buying products on a trial basis but did not have to continue using them once the trial was over. In addition, I was able to invite two friends over and was rewarded with 30% of the game points they earned which really sped up the process at which I could get some free games.
sGs is one of the few websites with access to a variety of platforms including Xbox Live, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, Amazon and PS Network. Considering the time you need to invest into earning points and with such an expansive range of platforms, I would prefer using sGs for all of my free gaming needs. The redesigned website has added a lot of new features including a news blog which provides regular updates on newly added games, giveaways, deals, or offers that are published. I found this blog to be quite helpful and it is regularly updated which makes it great resource to stay up to date on all the offers.
Along with the blog, a new comment system which allows users to provide feedback and reply to others while displaying your avatar and nickname from your Steam profile. I was able to communicate with other community members who provided some great advice to start off. Overall sGs is one of the better websites for free games and one where I would recommend users to invest their time.