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Gambling & Jackpot Cs Go Website With Medium States

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Stakes: Medium

SkinProfit is a CS:GO skin betting website where you can win skins from CS:GO by depositing them to a pot! It works in a very straight forward manner:
Users deposit their CS:GO skins into a pot whose value is calculated by CS:GO Analyst.

  • For each $0.01 skin users receive 10 tickets.
  • 100 tickets for $1.
  • 1000 tickets for $10 and so on.

The maximum number of skins that can be deposited per game is 50 after which the round automatically starts and the winner will receive all of the CS:GO skins in the pool. The higher the combined value of the skins you deposited are, the higher the chance of winning the whole pot! There are no limits of your winnings!
The website also boasts an all-inclusive page which provides all the details a user will need for current round, next round, number of games, live chat etc.

SkinProfit Betting & Gambling Jackpot Cs Go Skins!

Winners receive a trophy with their name for that particular round. It also shows what chance they had to win and the total value which is a nice bonus. The website has some really nice features including:

  • Prompt trades (30 minutes) and support.
  • Quick and easy betting.
  • CS:GO Analyst pricing.
  • Live chat.
  • Provably fair betting system.
  • Directly linked through steam.
  • Active bots for users.

I found Skin Profit as a good option for betting CS:GO skins. The valuation system is kept up to date through CS:GO analyst ensuring users get the most accurate value for their skins. The UI is straightforward and get the job done. However, there isn’t a CS:GO skin market so your winnings are limited by what other players are betting. Overall, I had a great time betting on Skin Profit and it does live up to its name because I was able to bet some skins and profit!