Kickback.com review

Kickback.com has free skins and low betting

Free coins
Stakes: Low

This is truly and awesome site for CS:GO betting, there is so much you can do on kickback. From trading skins to betting on games to buying that epic knife you have wanted for a while.
To start trading skins, earning rubies and cash, you just need to sign up and start enjoying the epic features kickback has to offer.

Kickback – Kick The Cs Go Skins Betting Them!

Cs Go Kickback features:

Betting – you can bet on yourself, your friends or that insane pro you wish you could play like.
Matchmaking – kickback has a matchmaking feature that matches players that are equally skilled for the best competitive action, which is always more fun than a slaughter fest.
PayPal – Kickback has teamed up with PayPal to give you instant and easy withdraws.
Skins for cash – no cash in your PayPal account? That’s not a problem, you can use your skins to play and earn cash which you can withdraw at any time.
Earn rubies – you can earn rubies by betting, every dollar you bet you earn 20 rubies. You can also earn rubies by inviting friends to sign up, every friend that signs up you get 50 rubies. If you add “kickback.com” to the end of your steam username you will earn 50 rubies every day.
Buying skins – there is a very large ruby store with over 44’000 skins and items you can buy with the rubies you have earned. So why not start playing, earn some rubies and get that epic rifle you want.
Instant trading – kickback has done its best to insure that all the trading is instant, because everyone know gamers don’t have the patience to wait hours or days for that rifle to arrive.
1v1 matches – kickback only does 8 round one-on-ones, so you can prove that you are better than the others.

This is an awesome site and people should really start using it more. This site is a great way to show off your mad skills and earn cash while you doing it.