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Hypeskins CS GO Skins!

Hypeskins is a relatively new website, visible from the fact that it is still in beta, which offers raffles on a variety of CS:GO skins every day. As with other CS:GO betting sites users trade in their CS:GO skins for credits which can then be used to purchase slots on various raffles. The more slots you purchase, the higher your odds of winning. CS:GO skin values are calculated in USD based on the steam community market so you do get an accurate amount of credits for your skins.

HypeSkins Cs Go Gambling

The raffles themselves are nice with a good selection of items displayed including free and paid versions. The interface on the raffle pages is quite simple and easy to understand as well. Although, some of the high value items may end up taking a lot of time to actually initiate because a lot of entries are required. They also offer a 2 week to withdraw your winnings which is more than enough time for anyone.

I had a few problems with the website though which may be due to it still being in beta. I found it quite difficult to find the FAQ page which should never be the case for a betting website. In addition, there are no details on a fair betting system so I would be a bit hesitant before actually participating in any raffles. I’ve also noticed a lot of complaints from users on their Facebook and other social media pages regarding their inability to trade for or obtain their winnings.

Hypeskins Cs Go Features Include:

  • A lot of different raffles.
  • Excellent interface.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Good customer support.
  • Regular giveaways.

Considering hypeskins cs go is a new website I can forgive some of the small problems they have. I would recommend waiting until they are out of beta before investing your CS:GO Skins. I do, however, look forward to using hypeskins in the future because I really enjoyed their interface and found it to be better than a lot of alternatives.