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Egaming Betting, or EGB for short, is a betting site for some of the most popular esports in the market. They provide betting facilities for all of the latest tournaments happening all over the world. To get started EGB offers its new users free money, which you can use to bet for fun and learning. After registering, each user is given 20 Play Money which can be recovered by using the “restore” button once you’ve used it up. I highly recommend that beginners try betting with Play Money before they make their first deposit in order to better understand how the system works.

Some of the many great features EGB include:

  • Free money for practicing.
  • Bonus points to obtain various goodies.
  • Secure betting.
  • Nested bets which provide additional chances of winning.
  • Video instructions on getting started.
  • Additional games like Guess Who.
  • Availability of a variety of games.
  • Live chat.
  • Live broadcasting.
  • Referral system offers up to $50 per referral.
  • Shop with a wide range of items to buy.
  • Ability to convert points to cash.

EGB Cs Go – Bet Free Cs Go Skins & Gambling Points

Unfortunately, users based in the US, Great Britain or Singapore can’t make real money bets and can only play using Play Money, ao if you are located in any of these three countries you are out of luck. Those that can use the website are treated to a great experience and a variety of great games. You have access to ten different payment methods which is excellent and shows how flexible and accommodating EGB is for users.
EGB also offer express bets which allow you to bet on 2 – 10 matches at the same time for high risk high reward betting. Finally, there are a great range of bonus prices you can win through regularly playing and cashing out including gaming keyboards, mice, clothes, mugs etc.


Lots of great bonus prizes!
There is a helpful community present to discuss matches, teams and potential winners / losers. I found the website to be an excellent place to bet on various esports because of their easy to use system and access to all of the major games including CS:GO, hearthstone, Dota 2, LoL, Smite etc.