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CsGoZone is a trading website for CS:GO skins and items. Users can browse through the website for any particular CS:GO skins they are looking for and get in touch with the player selling it. Trades appear like in the image below where you can specify what you are willing to trade for.

CsGoZone has great features including:

  • Easy to use system.
  • Price valuation.
  • Detailed database.
  • Giveaways .
  • Steam Community links.

CsGoZone – Best Cs Go Skins Giveaways For Gamblers

Each trade has a stream trade link so you can get in touch with the seller directly. You will need to have steam guard activated if you intend to participate in a trade so ensure that’s enabled. I found using the website to be fairly easy and straightforward and I was able to get in touch with other players easily. The commonly accepted currency are keys of course so it’s best to have a good amount on hand.

Aside from the trading, there is a CS:GO Marketplace present where you can view popular CS:GO Skins and their valuations. Clicking on an item will take you directly to the steam community page where you can view listings of the latest items. I found the coolest feature to be the price check function. Users can place their CS:GO skins here and obtain an accurate price of their skin based on the most recent trade on the website and on steam analyst. They are also some great competitions for users the most recent of which is the invite competition. The individual with the most referrals will be able to win from a great range of items and it will also help grow the community of CS:GO Zone. Speaking of which you can also add other users and friends and select favorite CS:GO skins on your profile page.

Current Competition!

Overall, I had a very positive experience using CS:GO Zone for trading. Users I got in touch with were quite friendly and I was finally able to get the Gut Knife Doppler I wanted.