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Cs Go Jackpot and Free Credits for Gambling Skins.

Free coins
Stakes: Medium

CsGoSkins is a betting website where users can deposit CS GO Skins for credits which they can bet in various games. These games include:

  • Coin Flip (A simple betting game of heads or tails)
  • Spinner (A betting game like roulette)
  • Spin King

They have an excellent homepage. It gives a summary of daily activities including credits win, rounds played, biggest bet, daily users and the most recently withdrawn CsGoSkins. It’s a great way to get an idea of how much traffic the website gets and how reliable it is as more users usually means more reliability. Hence I was happy to see almost 8,000 daily users.


How Daily stats are shown on CsGoSkins.

Last 10 withdrawn items are also displayed on the main page.

Some of CS:GO Skins major features include:

  • Attractive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Expansive skin bank
  • Guaranteed fair betting system
  • Variety of betting games
  • Live chat

CsGoSkins Cs Go Skins Betting

The FAQs / guides are decent enough and provide ample information for new users to understand how the website work. However, the interface for the guides could be a little better. Some of the screenshots regarding instructions are very small or difficult to read. There is also a withdraw balance feature which is used to prevent players from utilizing the website as a place for exchanging CS:GO skins. I found this feature to be fair but also annoying at times because I was unable to withdraw a skin I wanted. However, it’s easy to get past as users only need to deposit a skin or purchase a credit package. Also their selection of CS:GO skins is excellent and updated on a daily basis.
Overall, I found the website interesting to use, even with some of its drawbacks. I feel that it can be improved a bit more by adding security for users as many have complained about scamming bots and fake invitations. Still, considering the minor problems, I would recommend using it if you are interesting in winning cool new CsGoSkins.