CSGOSkinny.com review

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CsGoSkinny – Skins and Skinny are all available here.
CsGoSkinny is a betting website where users can deposit CS:GO Skins into a specific round for a chance to win other players CS:GO skins. Each round is accessible to all players so users are free to participate in any round they feel most comfortable in. The unique feature that sets CS:GO skinny apart is the live lottery machine used during their streaming hours. It is nice to see someone adding a human touch to CS:GO betting. After the item count or timer has been reached, tickets are issued to players and the winner is sent the collected skins.

Some of CS:GO Skinny’s major features include:

  • Live Lottery machine.
  • Easy to use.
  • Decent variety of betting rooms.
  • Live chat.
  • Powered by CS:GO Analyst.
  • Free giveaways on social media.

CsGoSkinny Cs Go Gamgling Website

They have an excellent all-in-one homepage which gives a summary of the days activates.

How Daily stats are shown on CS:GO Skinny.

There are three different room types which I felt was a good variety which would appeal to all kinds of players:

  • High Bets.
  • Medium Bets.
  • Minimal Bets.

Each has its own unique limit of how many CS:GO skins you can bank and how many players can play. I am more of a medium risk/rewards kind of person so I was comfortable with having the option available to me. CS:GO Skinny takes 3-10% based on the bank amount and chances of the winner which is something to always keep in mind. I would have preferred they have one set rate but its varied based on the bank amount.

Overall, I found the website interesting to use especially the live lottery. I feel the website does have some drawbacks mainly because it is still in beta. Given some time CS:GO skinny should be able to improve their interface, provide a community feel and add a ticket system to improve the overall experience.