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CsGoRumble High States Cs Go Jackpot & Gambling Site

CsGoRumble is a betting website where users can utilize their CS:GO skins to gamble. The betting is quite straightforward, users deposit their CS:GO skins to bet in games and potentially win new and better CS:GO skins. This formula exists in many CS:GO betting sites and it is quite similar at CS:GO Ruble as well. CS:GO Rumble does has a duel arena as well as coin flip which are self-explanatory.

In addition to these games, CS:GO Rumble also features:

  • Free giveaways.
  • Duel Arena for betting.
  • Coin flip.
  • Good Social media presence.
  • Detailed FAQs.
  • Good selection of items.
  • Strong steam community.
  • Live chat.

On top of the features list above, CS:GO Rumble has specific requirements to prevent malicious users which includes:

  • Your Steam profile must be public.
  • Your Steam account must be older than 15 days.
  • You must own a copy of Counter Strike: Global Offensive on your Steam account.

I feel having these requirements is a great step to reduce bots and scammers and make the community better. In addition, it helps users feel more secure and provides a more comfortable environment for betting. There is usually a lot of activity in the chat and a decent number of betting happening on a regular basis. An active community really adds onto the reliability of the website and CS:GO Rumble is reliable if nothing else. They’ve also done a great job with their social media presence having one of the most active groups as a decent following.