CSGORoyale.net review

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I’m going to start off by explaining what this site actually is and does, then I will go into the look and feel of the site.
So basically CSGORoyale is just an online game of roulette, where you trade your items for points and bet to get more points to buy new items. Sounds pretty simple right? It is, extremely simple to be honest. You sign in with your steam account and start playing roulette. There is a security feature that only lets you play if you have CS:GO on your steam account, but let’s be honest you not going to be on this site unless you have CSGORoyale.

CSGORoyale – Bet Your Cs Go Skins & Gamble Royale!

The wheel spins every 30 seconds, so you have 30 seconds to place your bets. You can place as many bets as you like and all bets are posted publicly, meaning you can see everyone’s bets and they can see your bets. There are 2 tables that you can choose from, either standard table or simple table. The standard table is the normal roulette table where you can bet of numbers, dozens, halves, rows, odds, evens, black and red. The simple table on the other hand you can only choose black, red or green. There is also 2 ways to place a bet, you can either click on the number or block you want to bet and time the amount, or you can drag your chips, which are on the right of the wheel, and drop them on the block you want to bet on. You can earn extra points by inviting friends that have CS GO, you only earn 7 points per invite however if they have less than 7 hours of game time you only earn the value equal to the number of hours of game time they have.
When you 1st open the site it looks very busy, which is a bit off putting, however when you start using it and spend a bit of time on the site it is very simple and easy to use. It seems like they designed the site for a tablet, mainly due to the fact that in order to get to the help menu, you need to swipe the screen right. There is also a lot of things on the site that indicates it works best with a touch screen.
Overall it is a good site to go to if you have items that you don’t use or need anymore and want to play a game of chance and maybe win some points to buy items. CSGORoyale is Cs Go Betting and gambling website.