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CSGOrage has been a registered vendor since 2015. Their main business model revolves around a number of raffles where players have the opportunity to win items such as skins, weapons, stickers and collectible pins. Their homepage gives a brief overview of the raffles that are going on at this moment. The special raffles mostly focus on having the opportunity to win codes for collectible pins.

CSGORage – Cs Go Skins Gambling And Betting

In order to join these raffles, you must place a small bet of what is mostly $0.50. Right under the graphic that displays the item there is a counter which tells you how many players are taking part. Depending on the collectible pin in question, there is usually a fixed amount of participants, often between 200 and 400 tickets. Also provided is a history of previous raffles, including the amount of players and an indication of who won the pin. At the moment there have been 146 of such raffles. Their second activity, normal raffles, focus more on weapons and assorted skins. Much like described in the previous paragraph, normal raffles give players a chance by betting for their success. Prices can range in the area from $0.15 up to $0.65. The history page tells us that there have been some 43.890 raffles in the past. Lastly there are the free raffles, which do not require any bet. One can take part in this free raffle by having previously traded $0.50 worth of items on the website. Some items only require of you to place CSGORage.com in your username, which is obviously for marketing purposes. A quick analysis shows that there have been 6.720 raffles. With ease of use and helpfulness in mind, there is a dedicated FAQ for questions about security, delivery of items and refunds. The organizers of the website are also active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. CSGOrage Is Cs Go Gambling Website. A contact page is present for players to submit support tickets. Overall, the website gives a simple but organised impression.