CSGOPoints.com review

Free Coins
Stakes: Low

CsGoPoints – Pointing you in the right direction.
CsGoPoints is a points based website which allows users to collect points and trade them in for various prizes. Points are earned through browser games, mobiles apps and surveys which can be traded in for CS:GO skins. The trading is quite response and you don’t have to wait for a lot of time to get your skins from CS GO points.


It’s as easy as that!

Overall CsGoPoints features include:

  • Point system for free CS:GO skins, cases and Keys
  • Excellent referral system
  • Nice community
  • Linked with steam
  • Free giveaways
  • Active bot for quick trades
  • Testimonials

CsGoPoints – Betting Cs Go Skins With Points!

I found a few problems with the website and the major one is that it requires a lot of time. It is very time consuming to gain enough points to buy something decent as you need to log-in every day to gain very small amount of points. In addition, free offers don’t provide a lot of coins and you only get 0.25 coins per day for logging in. This pushes users towards paid offers which is not very efficient if you only want a few CS:GO skins. Still, they do have decent positive feedback from users who were willing to invest the time and effort to get a couple of new CS:GO skins. In my opinion, it would be easier to just buy them instead of investing the time on this website. Their guides are also lacking and only explain a few things about the website and its features.

There are also some restrictions for limited account users. To fully utilize the website you are required to have an active stream account, which is done by either purchasing something for $5 or adding $5 to your steam wallet. I feel that the website is a decent option for getting CS GO skins but there are other alternatives that would be / safer option.