CSGOLuckywheel.com review

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CSGOLuckywheel – Betting on your spins and trusting the wheel!
CSGOLuckywheel is a betting website based entirely around roulette. They have five different versions of roulette giving users a variety of options and odds to bet around.


Many wheels to choose from.
The website works like your typical betting site where you deposit skins for their unique currency, coins in this case, and use them to bet and win more coins. Once you’ve won enough coins, you can withdraw CS:GO skins that are available on the website. Their features include:

  • Different variety of odds and roulette.
  • Decent interface.
  • Steam enabled.
  • Great customer support.
  • Good selection of skins.

CsGoLuckywheel – Gambling, Cs Go Wheel, Big Giveaways!

I found their withdrawal policy to be a bit unfair as it forces you to gamble at least 70% of your deposits i.e. if you put in 2000 coins worth of skins you would have to bet at least 1400 coins before you could withdraw an item. This is unfair to those winners who get lucky in the first few spins and end up winning big as they would still have to keep betting and hoping they don’t lose what they won. In addition, they charge a 10% commission when withdrawing CS:GO skins which I feel is bit on the higher side.

They have a daily giveaway with cool new knives to win every day. I found it to be quite fair as everyone has an equal chance to win, but it does get harder when there are more entries. Their customer service is excellent and the support time is extremely active and accommodating on the steam community forums.

Overall, the website is a decent betting site for those interested specifically in roulette. However, I feel that there are better alternatives that also have a guaranteed fair betting system in place.