Csgo-lottery.com review

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CsGoLottery is Russian & English betting website where users deposit CS:GO skins into a lottery for a chance to win the pot. Once 100 CS:GO skins are collected, the system selects a winner at random who gets all of the skins! Winning chances are calculated based on the value of deposited skins by a user hence, the more expensive skins you bet, the higher your chance of winning.
Items you deposit are converted into points according to their prices at a rate of 1 cent to 1 point. The minimum bet for users is $1.50.

Some of the CS:GO Lottery’s features include:

⦁ 24/7 support available
⦁ Provable fair betting system
⦁ Over 150,000 users overall and 1000 daily users
⦁ 15 bots for quick and easy service
⦁ Wide range of social media presence
⦁ Easy to use with detailed guides
⦁ Free raffles
⦁ Quick delivery of gifts (30 minutes)
⦁ Steam Marketplace valuation

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Benefits of CS:GO Lottery!
The betting interface is excellent which gives details on the latest pot including its size, number of items, participants and chat log. It is essentially an all in one feature which I really enjoyed using. The roulette animation is also cool.

All in one feature!
There are also free raffles although they require you to have played at least one game and add site link to your nickname. Still, it’s not a lot to ask for to win some free CS:GO skins as you may end up winning a really great CS:GO skin without betting anything at all!

Free raffles!

CS:GO Lottery is one of the better betting websites available. I’ve had a great time using it and loved the quick delivery and customer support provided. The community is also quite active and with the right luck you can win big from playing.