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CsGoHot is a popular betting website available in both Russian and English. Users make bets with everything including CS:GO Skins, cases key etc. and are able to enter up to 15 different items per round with the total value being at least USD$1. Souvenirs are not accepted.

CsGoHot – Cs Go Gambling & Hot Jackpot! Best Skins!

Users are allocated a winning percentage based on the amount of CS:GO skins they bet. For example, if one player entered USD$8 worth of CS:GO skins and player two entered USD$2 then player one would get an 80% chance of winning while players two would get 20%. The higher you bet, the bigger your chance of winning is, however, it does not guarantee victory so you could potentially lose as well. The winner receives all the items from the draw minus the commission charged by the system which ranges from one to ten percent based on the prize.
I found the website a lot of fun to use and bet my Cs Go Hot skins. The interface and UI are excellent and make the website that much more enjoyable to use.

Some of their features include:

  • Quick and simple betting.
  • Great system to adjust odds.
  • Excellent response time by CS:GO Hot.
  • Great website interface.
  • Live stats and updates.
  • History of the latest games and winners.
  • Excellent guides.

The betting is simple and straightforward with a strong base of CS:GO players participating regularly. There is a lack of a CS:GO skins market, however, so you can’t really pick a specific item and you’re dependent on the items other players bet. Still, I felt CS:GO Hot has one of the fairest systems of Cs Go betting across the web. Winners are displayed like the image below:

Winning CS:GO skins with a bit of luck!

Overall, I really enjoyed using CS:GO Hot and would recommend it to any of my fellow gamers and CsGoHot players.