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CsGoFast is maybe the most popular and most trusted website for gambling with Counter Strike GO skins. This is a popular Jackpot site, you can gamble with your skins in addition to win a jackpot. So far this gambling site paid out skins valued almost 90 000 000. You can choose between classic jackpot and three player jackpot. Classes you can gamble your skin into a pot, the higher the worth of your item, that is a higher chance to win the pot. Maximum items per classic pot is about 50, limit is 50. Three player jackpot is similar to the classic jackpot, but you need 3 players per pot. Its very quicker game mode and you get better odds of winning the pot. I recommend you three player gamble.
CSGOfast.com accepts card payment, Paypal payment, bitcoin payment and also weapon skin deposit. This site have many features for skins, you can deposit money to your balance and you will be able to buy any skin in CS:GO Fast store.

CsGoFast – Cs Go Skins Gambling & Betting

Another feature is double game gambling. In this game mode you can bet black, green on red slots. You bet with your Fast Points. At the end of each round, the winner slot is determined. To get Fast points you must participate in the referral program, you simply invite your few friends and you will get points for each player and every game he plays. Also, you can exchange your skins for fast points, value of skin must be more than 1$. For every cent you will get one point, limit is 30 items at a time.If you win some skins, site will send you BOT within 5-10 minutes. You can see your winning chances in percentage.Good advantage of this website is that you can put CsGoFast.com on your steam nickname and they will reward you with 5% to your winning. This bonus works for Classic game and Fast game.