Csgoezskins.com review

Low Cs Go Betting Website

Free Coins
Stakes: Low

CSGOEZSkins is a simulated betting website where the best betters within a specific time frame are reward with CS:GO Skins. The best part is that users have to make zero investments to win!

The website is quite simple with the following features:

  • Simple system that is explained well.
  • Zero frills.
  • Free to use.
  • Excellent support by owner.
  • Great user guide.

grO created this website to provide users with an opportunity to win CS:GO skins without make any investment or risk. He will fund the website for the first few months to get things going and eventually prizes will be added based on the websites earnings (from advertisements) and donations. grO is very polite and only asks users to watch ads when they can as it will go towards supporting the website.

CsGoEzSkins – Free & Easy Cs Go Skins Gambling & Betting

Contests are held every 2 weeks and has 2 – 3 matches. Users are given $10 in play money which they will use to bet on these contents. The top three individuals who have the highest earnings will win CS:GO skins once the contest ends.

I found the user guide provided by the website to be exceptional. It’s extremely easy to understand and answers all of the potential questions a new user may have.

CS:GO EZSkins is a great initiative for betting websites because it removes the element of losing money. Users are provided an equally fair chance to win and there are no secret attachments or gimmicks to the website. You just need to ensure you are aware of when contents are occurring so you can place your bets and win play money. It also helps to be aware of the good CS:GO teams and players so you win more. Also if you run out of play money you can still select teams and win an entry to skin raffles which is excellent. I highly recommend CS:GO EZskins to everyone as better CS:GO skins will be offered with more users visiting and betting.