CSGOEgg.com review

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CsGoEgg – Don’t count your eggs before they hatch!

CS:GO Egg is a steam enabled betting website which allows its users to bet their CS:GO skins to win even better skins. CS:GO Egg utilizes its own unique currency called “eggs.” Eggs can be obtained by depositing CS:GO skins which can then be used on raffles / giveaways and jackpots. The pricing is quite reliable as CS:GO Egg uses Steam Analyst for their skin pricing. Raffles are a great way to test your luck and win prizes, while the jackpot is a great source of eggs based on roulette. Once, you’re done winning you can use your eggs to get new skins for yourself. Overall.

CsGoEgg is an easy to use website which includes the following features:

  • Raffles / giveaways with excellent prizes.
  • Excellent roulette system.
  • Secure betting.
  • Extremely easy to use UI.
  • Linked with Steam.
  • CsGoEgg Live chat.
  • Certified fair betting.
  • Explains steam trade holds and the importance of authentication.
  • Pricing by Steam Analyst.
  • Bit skins for buying and selling of skins.

CsGoEgg – Cs Go Gambling & Skins Free Betting

The website has a really attractive UI and interface which any users will enjoy using on a daily basis. Although the website does have decent guides on how to use its various features, they are not visible in a prominent place and it is possible to get confused the first time you visit. In addition, the website does lack social media presence as it is only available on twitter and steam community.

There is live chat available which is good for new users as everyone is quite friendly not to mention very supportive. Their support team is quite responsive and usually get back to you within 24 hours depending on the amount of tickets they have. Overall, the website CsGoEgg has worked hard on creating a great betting experience and playing on it is quite an enjoyable experience.