CSGODiceGame.com review

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Stakes: Low

“The website is a genuine casino where, if your luck holds out, you can win the big!”
CSGODiceGame is an first-rate betting website for CS:GO players who like to gamble for a chance to win great CS:GO Skins. The website is very easy to use with guides for the different variety of betting available. It also has instant deposit and withdrawal features for the users ease.

Some of their cool features include:

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Fair betting system
  • Very simple UI
  • Live betting updates for yourself and others
  • Variety of skins to win
  • Excellent community with live chat
  • Guides available for new users
  • Linked directly through steam
  • Referral system for free daily coins

CsGoDiceGame – Bet Your Cs Go Skins With Dice!

The user places their win condition:


Followed by their odds:


Which will determine what their win percentage is which in this case is:


After confirming the details, the user gives the dice a whirl to see if they won or lost. The website’s highly customizable variable allows users to fine tune the odds to directly adjust their risk / reward.

On top of the typical betting, there is also a jackpot, with different pot sizes, where users deposit CS:GO coins into the pot and let the roulette decide who wins. They also have a great referral system where users that utilize their steam accounts get 3 CS:GO coins (value of USD $0.01 per coin) everyday just for logging in! The website features a live chat which allows you to communicate with fellow CS:GO players to discuss strategies and other details. Also, let’s not forget their comprehensive live feed on all current bets, payouts, rolls, win conditions and the total winnings of each bet. Overall, it’s a great website if you want to gamble with you CS:GO skins and those blessed with good luck can eventually end up winning something great!