Csgobig.com review

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CsGoBig is one of the most dynamic betting websites around with a wide variety of games and excellent design plus interface. The games offered at CS:GO Big include:

  • roulette
  • jackpots
  • coin flips
  • rock, paper, scissors
  • mystery box and
  • raffles

CsGoBig – Bet Cs Go Skins & Win Jackpot! CsGo Gambling

Upon joining the website you are provided with a disclaimer that you must be 18 years or older to use the website. Once you’ve agreed to their terms of agreements, you are treated to some great features including:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Excellent selection of games
  • Instant deposit of winnings
  • Very quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Provably fair betting system
  • Live Chat
  • Linked directly through steam
  • Decent FAQs
  • Secure Website

Roulette works a little different on CsGoBig as users bet on an skin type i.e. pistols, knives or rifles. The winners are selected based on which of these three items the roulette lands on.

cs go big

The jackpot is also split into several categories which vary by pot size. The jackpot allows users to directly deposit CS:GO skins and compete with other players to win all the skins in the pot. Your chance of winning is dependent on the value of the CS:GO skins and other items you bet.


CsGoBig is not without its problems. One of the major problem many users are facing authentication problems with the website after the recent update with several pages getting stuck on the dreaded spinning box screen.

At times you may also end up with a token instead of a CS:GO Skin which only occurs when the system does not have an item of same value to give during roulette. Luckily tokens can still be used in games and they get replaced by their system in 15 minutes. It is also important to remember that CS:GO Big will take approximately 10% of the total value of each round which they say is for maintaining the website. I found this to be slightly unfair as other websites take 1% to 10% as opposed to a flat 10%.
Once you’ve won, your new CS:GO skins are deposited directly in your inventory. If you did not receive your items CsGoBig gives you three days to claim them which is great. Aside from some problems highlighted, I found CS:GO Big a good website for betting with a wide variety of games and good customer service.