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CSGOBankbot has been a marketplace for assorted weapons since 2010. It was established by the Socius Gaming community.
A first impression tells you that there are upwards of 3031 various items in stock, also including weapon cases of varying prices. These items are put in display on their main page, together with a sturdy price indication expressed in credits. It seems that this website aims to make the experience as friendly as possible for customers, as clicking on any item directly adds it to the gaming experience in CS:GO. A helpful menu asks customers how much of the selected item(s) they would like to purchase. Currently the limit for maximum purchases is three.
Supporting this claim is the simple fact that the steam API is woven into the coding of this website. A brief demonstration shows that this implementation works by adding the items to your shopping card in the Steam application, as is preferred in the web shop industry of buying and selling items belonging to CSGOBankbot.

CSGOBankbot – Bank Your Free Cs Go Skins Gambling

Furthermore, at the bottom of the page one can visit various resources that aid customers to make the right purchase. One such resource is the website​’s Frequently Asked Questions​ section on the Steam forums. Both questions and problems regarding credit balance, inability to trade and Steam Trade Hold are answered with a step ­by ­step solution. Helpful is the website​’s presence on both Facebook and Twitter, where occasional giveaways are held for players of the community.
Also helpful is that the website holds a register of fraudulent bots. Under the link ​’scammer​’ one can find a list of automated profiles that have tried to pose as its own service, or have attempted fraudulent transactions with the website itself. At the moment there are thirty such accounts listed on their page.
Finally, the group has a support section where both buyers and visitors can ask questions about products and the buying process. In this section buyers can also report on any bugs that were encountered while browsing the website.