CSGO4fun.gg review

Free coins and cs:go lucky betting

Free coins
Stakes: Low

Having existed since 2015, CSGO4fun offers an alternative take upon getting credits. On opening the website one is greeted with an interactive slot machine where customers have the direct option of betting on four different outcomes of the slot machine. What differentiates these options is the winnings in credits that a player can obtain. With outcomes of two times black or two times white, participants will win 2.5 times their initial wager. If the outcome is three times black or white, those taking part will win 7.5 times their wager. A helpful sound notice helps players remind that the slot has completed a cycle, which makes it an interactive and engaging activity. On the bottom you can see what other players have selected and if they made any profit. Another activity is ‘Lucky spin’, which has to do with betting on a revolving roulette wheel, reminiscent of those found in casinos. On this roulette wheel there are multipliers that indicate the potential winnings of the wager that you place with a slider.

CsGo4Fun – Bet Your Cs Go Skins Just For Fun!

The difference with the slot machine in the first paragraph, is that one does this activity alone instead of with other players. A third activity that the website offers is very much like a lottery. Games ‘Big jack’ and ‘Small jack’ focus on players submitting items (worth credits) in the jackpot, which height is displayed on the left hand side of the game. After a time of a few seconds, a graphic will tell who has won the round. The difference between Big jack and Small jack are the stakes that are involved. These three games are presented in an easy to understand fashion. The graphical design allows for a combination of natural and compelling aspects to coexist. Players are given a very competitive drive. This is further strengthened by the chat function present on the right. Lastly, the website offers language support in seven languages, making it easy for non English speaking customers to navigate both the website and the included games. On the bottom you can also seek contact with the help service, should you have any questions.