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CSGO House is a standard betting website where users can deposit their CS:GO Skins at a rate of USD$1 per credit. Credits are then used to play a dice roll game where users can choose how much to bet and their win chance. The higher the win chance the lower the payout is and vice versa. Once the user hits roll, a random number is drawn by the server and based on what appears you either win your initial plus the profit or lose your initial bet.

CS GO House
The dice game in all its glory.

It’s a fairly simple system and is applied in many other websites as well.

Some of the benefits of using CSGO House are:

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Extremely simple and easy to use website
  • Prices calculated via Steam Analyst
  • Decent range of skins to withdraw

Heck, the entire website screams simple from the interface to the design. I had absolutely zero difficulty depositing my CS:GO skins and playing. The live statistics are also nice, as they show how many people are playing regularly and how many players have lucked out on that day. In addition, because they use steam analyst for price calculations, users will get the most accurate value for their item. I felt that I didn’t get a fair price for one of my skins and they were happy to readjust my credits once I sent them an email.

csgo house
Live statistics on users, rolls, deposits and big winners.

One of the aspects that I did not like was that you must win or lose 30% of your deposit before you can withdraw anything. I feel that this is unfair to anyone that manages to win right at the start because they are forced to keep playing until the win or more than likely lose 30%. There is also a lack of a support ticket system although the website is working on its own custom system which should eventually fix the problem. Overall, CSGO house is a good website for dice betting but it lacks in everything else. If you are looking for more variety I would recommend you try another website.