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Rewards GG is great betting website for winning tons of great games, in-game items, hardware etc. whose value ranges from $1 to $2000. User earn tickets through surveys, games and videos which they can then use to bet on games, in-game items, like CS:GO skins, and hardware mentioned earlier. Tickets can also be earned through referrals, 100 for each one, so be sure to let your friends know about the website and have them add your unique code.
The system is quite simple and intuitive with the most popular items displayed on the main page. Users user their tickets to bet on the relevant item and there is a random draw based on your entries. Let’s say that a giveaway has a max number of entries of 1000, if you put in 100 you’d have a 10% chance and if you entered 1 ticket you’d have a 0.1% chance to win. So there is a risk and reward functionality to winning.
The selection is of things you can bet on is quite amazing. Of particular interest are the great range of games and CS:GO skins available.

Rewards.gg – Cs Go Betting Reward. Bet Awesome CsGo Skin

Just one row of the great things you can win!


Rewards GG has some interesting features including:

  • Provably fair betting system.
  • Good UI and interface.
  • Visibility of betting odds.
  • Massive selection of games, in-game items, keys, CS:GO skins etc.
  • Referral system.

One common complaint by users is the lengthy delivery time of in-game items. Many users have complained of having to wait over a month to get their winnings which has led to some speculation about Rewards GG’s credibility. However, the website is reliable and users have been able to get their winnings eventually either through tickets or by waiting. I also found the lack of a guide to be alarming because when I first visited the website I really could not figure out what to do to get started. I would really recommend Rewards GG improve their response time and speed of delivery.