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AlphaDraft is a fantasy game website for betting on eSports. It provides its users with daily/weekly fantasy eSports contests to bet on for cash and prizes. There are no season long commitments and users can play against others without creating a league. There are free contests for you to learn the ropes and paid contests where an entry fee is required and you can win real cash.

AlphaDraft has many great features including:

  • Excellent system.
  • Free version for learning.
  • Detailed guidelines.
  • Deposit bonuses.
  • Referral bonuses.
  • Free refund.
  • Deposit rewards for regular users.

Alphadraft – Cs Go Gambling & Skins Betting

Drafting is simple, users are provided a $50,000 budget to choose a team of 6 CS:GO players and the team that they believe will score the most points that week. Every CS:GO player has a price based on their past performance, hence users will want to select a team based on who they feel with earn the most points. Scoring is based on the following:

    Individual Scoring:

  • Kills +2
  • Assists +1
  • Deaths -1

    Team Scoring:

  • Bombs Planted +1
  • Bomb Defusals +2
  • Rounds Won +1
  • Rounds Lost -1

Winning big depends entirely on your knowledge of CS:GO and players. There are many contests to pick from as shown in the image below:

A great selection of CS:GO contests!
I would recommend watching CS:GO games and players play before betting real money so you have a better idea of who would make the best team compositions. AlphaDraft also offers a deposit bonus of 25% when you make your first deposit. They also offer a deposit bonus that unlocks over time.

A generous bonus!
Finally, Alphadraft provides a guarantee of satisfaction and will refund up to $10 if you lose your first content or don’t enjoy yourself. One thing to keep in mind that withdrawals can’t be made until your account balance is over $10. Once your account reach $10 you have to send an e-mail to receive winnings. Thankfully the balance does not expire so you can keep playing until you reach the minimum requirement. So if you’re looking for a fun and reliable fantasy betting site for CS:GO or other games Alphadraft would be a great choice!