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Getting Started – CS GO Trading for Newbies

Trading has become an integral part of CS GO and is an activity many players regularly partake in, although not necessarily succeed, order to obtain new skins, knives and weapons because let’s admit it who doesn’t want the biggest and shiniest weapon in town. This CS GO trading guide will show you how trading works and what you’ll need to do to get started.

You could get one of these beauties by following our CS GO Trading Guide!

Before getting into how to trade in CS GO, it’s imperative you have a strong understanding of how trading works and how you can profit or potentially lose from it. To kick start your CS:GO trading career you will need to make an investment at a bare minimum of $20 to your steam wallet. It is recommended to go higher to the tune of $50 to $100 because it increases the range of your profit margin. A larger margin allows you to increase your rate of earning and also lets you get better deals but in the end it depends on your budget. Regardless of how much your initial investment is, you’ll need to have something in the bank to initiation CS GO trades. Once your steam wallet is brimming with cash you are ready to hit the market place and start making a name for yourself as a CS GO trader!

CS GO Trading – Getting the Best Bang for your Buck

When it comes to being successful CS GO trading the first thing any player should look for are keys. Keys are considered the currency in CS GO trades and are the most commonly accepted item by other players. It is important to note that keys can only be obtained by either purchasing them directly from the steam store or obtain them from trading. There are other, not as secure or reliable methods, however it is highly recommend you avoid them.

Keys: The lifeblood of CS GO trading!

You will need keys if you intend to succeed in your CS GO trading endeavors as everyone and I mean everyone is open to accepting keys. Your most reliable option is to buy keys from the steam market under $2.50 or through PayPal trading (only if you are familiar with it) from sellers for $1.80 each. Once you have a collection of keys you can hit the marketplace and start your illustrious career. Now let’s take a look at how to trade in CS GO.

How to trade in CS GO – The Marketplace

Trading can be completed by simply adding another player, sending them a message and inviting them to trade! But to really utilize your vast resource of keys you need to buy what we in the CS GO trading community refer to as “quick sells.” These quick sells are your holy grail and your best friends because the seller is will to part with their item at a price lower than market value. The age old adage of “buy low, sell high” applies here meaning you utilize quick sells to buy low and earn your profit by selling high with the difference your profit. As a CS GO trader, your daily activities will include searching the marketplace, researching prices, finding quick sells and making offers.
Now the questions arises “where do I go to buy or sell items?” One of the answers to this question is: https://csgolounge.com/

CS:GO Lounge is the safest option when it comes to trading and requires you to login via your steam account. You can easily place items you are willing to trade as well as searching for those that you’d be interested in. It is an excellent resource for any CS:GO trader and highly recommended. They also have a neat user guide in getting yourself setup on their website through your steam account. Another excellent option is the CS GO Steam Trading Community or SCM for short:
It is a reliable source for discovering great deals and is another great medium on getting your CS GO trading career started. Research is critical to your success as a trader, hence a great point of reference in regard to the value of your rifles, SMGs, Knives, Skins etc. is SCM.

cs go trading

This website provides you with a central repository of the value of every items in the game and will serve you well in getting the best deals. The graphically representation is an excellent source of information and allows you to get an exact value of your item by looking at the most recent sales and pricing accordingly. Hence, good research will lead to your success.
A good CS GO trader must also keep in mind the quality of the items they are buying and selling.
CS GO Trading – Quality of Items

To be successful in CS GO trading you must be mindful of the 5 different conditions / exteriors for items:

Each condition has different values with FN being the most coveted version and BS aptly being the least desired one. It is important to keep the condition in mind when trading as it affects the value of the item you are trading.

Final Note – Getting the most out of your CS GO Trades

The best way to really get started in CS GO trading is to actually start trading. You shouldn’t be afraid of bargaining with people with items you want, and don’t be afraid to add them. Adding people and talking to get is a basic step in trading. Being respectful and showing basic etiquette are critical factors of being a successful CS GO trader as other players respond to good manners and it helps build your reputation. Even if someone is unwilling to trade you should still keep a good demeanor, thank them for their time and move on.

It takes time and a lot of effort to be successful at trading but sticking to the basics and consistently moving forward will help you in getting those great items you’ve desired ever since you saw other players running around the battlefield with them.

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