CS GO Betting Advice Guru – Rolling the dice in your favor


Looking for some CS GO betting advice? Well you’ve come to the right place! Betting in CS GO is an art form and requires excellent understanding the system and teams to really end on top. You’ll find advice all around the web on how to bet and who to bet on but to really succeed let’s take a look at what the CS GO betting advice gurus have to say.

CS GO Betting Advice – The Basics

Before we go into too much details it’s important to point out that you will have those days where you win and those days where you lose. There is no way around it and all of the CS GO betting gurus are in consensus that regardless of how good your understanding is you will have bad days. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the basics.

The tools of a good gambler- CS GO skin betting

cs go betting advice

To start, you will need something to bet and one of the common questions is “What should I bet?” The most common answers to this question by CS GO betting gurus is to get skins. Skins are the most commonly bet items and are easy to exchange for other items depending on the market. Usually you want to buy a combination of skins from low value to high value i.e. if you have $10 you could buy 20 $0.50 skins or 4 $2.50 skins or any other combination. This allows you to have a variety of options when betting. It’s important to remember that even though skins are in demand, their value does fluctuate so you should only buy them if you intend to start betting immediately.

CS GO betting predictions – Knowing your Teams

Research is critical when it comes to betting.  Every CS GO betting guru will tell you that without proper research you cannot expect to succeed.  You need to analyze team performances regularly and have a good idea of which teams are more likely to win in what particular maps and which opponents because you cannot depend on pure luck to win.  If you are truly interested winning it’s imperative to watch teams play and get an understanding of how consistent they are. Let’s say you are getting into CS GO skin betting, and you want to place a high bet on your team. It is perfectly acceptable to place high valued skins on your team if the odds are around 69 – 75%. Once, the odds start to exceed 80%, it may not be worth the risk because the payout is too low.

To begin your research the following websites are a great source of information:

All of this will help you become better in CS GO betting predictions.

CS GO betting predictions – Advance Tips

There are certain aspects you need to very careful of when betting, the first of which is betting all in. Betting all in is something you should rarely if even engage in and all CS GO betting gurus agree with this point. The only time is could possibly be acceptable is when you have an extremely skilled team like Fnatic going up against a completely no name team and you are 95% confident they will destroy them. Even then I would recommend you practice caution when going all in as it could potentially backfire.

Another advanced tip is to show caution with odds. The odds of a team winning are determined by how others are betting. This means that the more bets are being placed on team XYZ the higher odds they will have. What other betters tend to do is place all their bets on team XYZ to sway the odds in their favor and draw in bets from new betters and swap their bets at the last minute to team ABC.
Underdog bets are another item always under discussion by CS GO betting gurus because it’s one of the fastest ways to earn a lot of money but it comes with very high risks. To reinforce the point in our previous section your research is extremely important. If you know a team who is excellent overall and really good at a particular map but is an underdog in an upcoming match you could potentially win a lot. Nonetheless, you will always lose more often than win in underdog bets but you can usually cover the cost of your losses if you win big.

CS GO Betting Advice – Converting your Winnings

Once you’ve gone through the process of learning and have a large collection of skins your next step should be to convert them into keys. Why keys? Keys are the universal currency in CS GO and can be used to purchase those unique items you’ve been eyeing. It’s important to always have an end goal in mind so all the efforts you put in betting actually metalize in an item like an M4A4. I hope you enjoyed reading through this short CS GO Betting Advice article and wish you the best of luck in your gambling career!

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